Megga Bread

You can also find this recipe, with lots of step-by-step photos, in the Creative Bakes Cookbook.


  • I made this bread with the honey and psyllium husks threw it all in the bread maker 4 hrs later bam the most delicious bread I’ve had thankyou so much for sharing this with us x x x

    Wendy bullivant
  • I am making this in my panasonic bread maker on a basic 4 hr programme.

    Fran Beardow
  • What a great video, thanks so much for making it, how can I go wrong. I thought the last 3 minutes when you did the taste test was so funny, I bet your a hoot at parties. I received the ingredients from Amazon today and now gonna give it a go myself.

  • I just want to confirm did you use:
    40 Grams oat fibre And 10 grams physillium husk

    The recipe above says: 40g Milled Chia Seeds OR
    10g Psyllium Husk OR
    40g Oat Fibre

    But I think you used both Psyllium husk and oat fibre.


    Nathalie Leduc
  • Thank you for this – I want to make the megga bread in a bread maker are you able to advise on the steps please ? Thanks

    jyoti parmar

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