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Keto & Spice

A Guide to the Keto & Spice Blends

A Guide to the Keto & Spice Blends

All Keto & Spice Blends are available in the Keto & Spice Collection.
The Curry Blends
This was the first of the Keto & Spice Blends... see the Quick Chicken Curry recipe to see just how easy it is to use! The mild version of this blend is now available for those who aren't a fan of hot curries.
The Poultry Blend
This one's pretty self-explanatory... it pairs wonderfully with any poultry meat. Our favourite recipe for this blend is the Crispy Chicken Coating - add this blend to the crumb instead of the spices listed in the ingredients.
The Roasted Vegetable Blend
Originally made for our Mini Christmas Cookbook, this fragrant blend adds another layer to Sunday roasts - see the recipe here. Or, sprinkle some Roasted Vegetable Blend in a quick stir fry of cabbage, peppers, shallots (and any other veg that needs using up!) for a lovely side dish. It also works well in scrambled eggs!
The BBQ Blend
This will definitely be popular in our house this summer! So far we've added it to our linseed crumb for 'breaded' chicken and scotch eggs, added it to Sandie's Ketchup instead of the usual spices, spiced up roasted seeds, and made a lovely marinade for belly pork (recipe coming soon). Next up... our BBQ Pulled Pork recipe!
The Turmeric Blend
Magic dust... watch this turn from a pale yellow to vibrant gold dust as it cooks! We've used this in our Turmeric Basa recipe.
The Chinese Blend
Perfect for those Friday Fakeaways. Create a simple marinade of oil and Chinese Blend, coat your protein of choice, pan fry and serve with egg-fried rice!
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