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In 2016 I was 20st. I had a stroke in 2008 that left me with left sided weakness and my left leg has never lifted 1 step up since then. I had a previous heart attack and diabetes was bad. I was then diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2009. I was on loads of pain relief.
I was desperate because I couldn’t get out the house. I had carers coming in to help me get washed and clothes on. That was not easy. I lost all my independence.
I decided to try and lose some weight. I started taking protein shakes and slimfast. I was having 2 shakes per day and 1 small meal. The weight just fell off within months. I lost 8st. I felt so happy that I had achieved this. BUT. I stopped doing this diet and put a lot of weight back on. I did reverse diabetes doing this.
My pain was through the roof. In May 2019 I was admitted to hospital as they thought I had another stroke, it wasn’t a stroke it was FUNCTIONAL NEUROLOGICAL DISORDER. Similar to a stroke and I had to learn to walk yet again.
I was on so so many meds. High blood pressure, cholesterol, metformin,9 gabapentin, aspirin, longtec & shortec. These are morphine, 1 fast relief and 1 slow relief.
During lockdown I was piling on the pounds and diabetes was rearing it’s ugly head again ( I make sweet treats to sell, tablet, fudge, cupcakes, cheesecake etc) I was eating everything.
My daughter introduced me to Mark Brereton public group. I sat looking for around 3 weeks just trying things before I decided that this is the road I want to go down. It helped when hubby decided to do this with me.
May 2020 I became a member and I haven’t looked back. I’ve hardly ever missed a zoom. I just think these zooms are amazing, especially during this horrible time with what’s going on in the world. These zooms are keeping many of us from going insane.
Before Christmas I was trying my best to get to my lowest ever adult weight of 73kg ( I know this still sounds heavy to many but because I’ve lost over 8 st now I do have a lot of horrible hanging skin that would weigh an awful lot but it’s only me looking at it and I’m afraid that will have to stay). Xmas Eve I was 73.2. I wasn’t giving myself the benefit of the doubt. I really had to get under that 73.
Guess what. Yes I ate goodies and put a few pounds on over the 2wk festivities. 😡😡😡
January 2nd. I was beginning to feel so much pain was back. My hip, back and joints were aching because of my wrong choices. I was straight back on the keto again.
Today I’ve weighed in and I’m a very happy person...72.8 kg!!
Now I’m definitely the lowest ever adult weight.
I just want to thank Mark Brereton for what he does for us all and all the lovely people I have met through the group. I will never ever say this is easy because it isn’t but it’s definitely a lifestyle that I am enjoying and want to keep this going.
My consultant and GP said I would be on aspirin and cholesterol tablets for life after a stroke. Huh. What do they know. I’m off these. I’m winning.
Gabapentin: used to be 9 daily, now 3 daily.
My pain is not half as bad as it used to be. If I’m honest the pain I have now is inflicted by Mark Brereton on the low impact exercise sessions. How cruel is he 🤣🤣🤣
 From April/May 2020 until now I have lost over 3st, you can also do this!
Ohhh I nearly forgot to say, I did struggle the last few months to shift the last Wee bit weight. I was taking it off and putting it on again and that can be very frustrating.
I decided to try 1 day carnivore and 1 day keto. That definitely gave my weight loss a boost and also again helps with pain
Thank you to Isabel for allowing us to share her story and images. All rights reserved.
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Well done Isabel – a true inspiration!
Yes the by product of this diet for me has been NO pain in my knees and hips! Wonderful freedom again.

Pat Payne

Honestly Isobel, this story should be plastered over every bill board, every newspaper, on every entrance, to every shop.

Can you imagine all the women, men and heck, even kids, that are in similar conditions, that you were, you’ve just so proved, the point.

You are what you eat, if you put rubbish in your trunk you will eventually be ill,

But guess what? it’s never to late to fix yourself. If you really want to.

Just Stop eating all the time, give your body time to heal. Inside out.

Then say hello to the perfect new you.

Thankyou so much for sharing your journey, you look amazing, you are amazing xx

Take care

Dawn 🤗👍🤗😎


You really are an inspiration to us all, I could do with you here lol. We’ll done you, your hubby must be so proud of you. I’m going through a weird stage of not being able to focus. Before last Sept I lost 10pounds in two weeks, didn’t put any weight on whilst away. Then since I’ve just lost it altogether. But I will get there, and reading your story is truly inspirational. X

Mandy Maan

Well done, you look amazing. What an inspiration!!


Well done, you look amazing. What an inspiration!!


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