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In 2016 I was 20st. I had a stroke in 2008 that left me with left sided weakness and my left leg has never lifted 1 step up since then. I had a previous heart attack and diabetes was bad. I was then diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2009. I was on loads of pain relief.
I was desperate because I couldn’t get out the house. I had carers coming in to help me get washed and clothes on. That was not easy. I lost all my independence.
I decided to try and lose some weight. I started taking protein shakes and slimfast. I was having 2 shakes per day and 1 small meal. The weight just fell off within months. I lost 8st. I felt so happy that I had achieved this. BUT. I stopped doing this diet and put a lot of weight back on. I did reverse diabetes doing this.
My pain was through the roof. In May 2019 I was admitted to hospital as they thought I had another stroke, it wasn’t a stroke it was FUNCTIONAL NEUROLOGICAL DISORDER. Similar to a stroke and I had to learn to walk yet again.
I was on so so many meds. High blood pressure, cholesterol, metformin,9 gabapentin, aspirin, longtec & shortec. These are morphine, 1 fast relief and 1 slow relief.
During lockdown I was piling on the pounds and diabetes was rearing it’s ugly head again ( I make sweet treats to sell, tablet, fudge, cupcakes, cheesecake etc) I was eating everything.
My daughter introduced me to Mark Brereton public group. I sat looking for around 3 weeks just trying things before I decided that this is the road I want to go down. It helped when hubby decided to do this with me.
May 2020 I became a member and I haven’t looked back. I’ve hardly ever missed a zoom. I just think these zooms are amazing, especially during this horrible time with what’s going on in the world. These zooms are keeping many of us from going insane.
Before Christmas I was trying my best to get to my lowest ever adult weight of 73kg ( I know this still sounds heavy to many but because I’ve lost over 8 st now I do have a lot of horrible hanging skin that would weigh an awful lot but it’s only me looking at it and I’m afraid that will have to stay). Xmas Eve I was 73.2. I wasn’t giving myself the benefit of the doubt. I really had to get under that 73.
Guess what. Yes I ate goodies and put a few pounds on over the 2wk festivities. 😡😡😡
January 2nd. I was beginning to feel so much pain was back. My hip, back and joints were aching because of my wrong choices. I was straight back on the keto again.
Today I’ve weighed in and I’m a very happy person...72.8 kg!!
Now I’m definitely the lowest ever adult weight.
I just want to thank Mark Brereton for what he does for us all and all the lovely people I have met through the group. I will never ever say this is easy because it isn’t but it’s definitely a lifestyle that I am enjoying and want to keep this going.
My consultant and GP said I would be on aspirin and cholesterol tablets for life after a stroke. Huh. What do they know. I’m off these. I’m winning.
Gabapentin: used to be 9 daily, now 3 daily.
My pain is not half as bad as it used to be. If I’m honest the pain I have now is inflicted by Mark Brereton on the low impact exercise sessions. How cruel is he 🤣🤣🤣
 From April/May 2020 until now I have lost over 3st, you can also do this!
Ohhh I nearly forgot to say, I did struggle the last few months to shift the last Wee bit weight. I was taking it off and putting it on again and that can be very frustrating.
I decided to try 1 day carnivore and 1 day keto. That definitely gave my weight loss a boost and also again helps with pain
Thank you to Isabel for allowing us to share her story and images. All rights reserved.
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As a good friend of yours Isabel , I have to say I’m so proud of you ,
You’ve done fantastic and are a true inspiration to us all ❤️


Absolutely fantastic Isabel. You look amazing. Total inspiration and proof of what can be achieved and overcome.

Lisa Wyer

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