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Excuse the pose.... My husband was keen to take a photo of me, as I wasn't in leggings or a Keto T-shirt.... Shush my vest was keto! 😂
We went to lunch at his old office in Cheltenham. They provided Antipasto, and I provided the bread, chocolate and sugar free Werthers - perfect.
An opportunity became available for my husband to take voluntary redundancy, which we had to take due to his Parkinsons Disease. Financially not great timing, but health wise, it was one of the best decisions we ever made. Lock down, made us realise that we could actually live together in fairly decent harmony! 😂
Back to Keto...
We still battle with his weight, he needs to gain a stone lol annoying I know!
Which leads me onto the reason for this post
Lee is the amazing husband of the amazing Tracy. If you new her story, it's quite an incredible health story of massive healing through Keto.
But back to Lee. My husband only has to look at food and he loses weight! He has to remain low carb/Keto, as he gets this incredible energy with it. It won't cure him.... But because of this lifestyle, we both have the energy to deal with his condition in the best possible way.
Lee Grenter is Type 1 diabetic, and is also an incredible ambassador of this lifestyle. But what do I do about Peter?
I was very fortunate to spend a lovely afternoon with Tracy and her family, 2 weeks ago. Lee guided me in finding a possible solution to helping Peter gain the weight back, whilst remaining low carb. So low GI is what we are looking to embark on. Me, I shall remain Keto, because Keto totally rocks for me ❤️
So the reason for this post.
Fundamentally he'll be low carb, but we'll now be throwing in some sweet potatoes, lentils and that sort of thing. I'm researching like crazy... So some of my food posts will have a slightly different angle to it. But I'll make it clear when I do these low Gi meals, and explain what I'm doing when I post 😁
Finally we all have different reasons to choose this lifestyle.... I do believe this can work for most people, it may just need tweaking for you though... It was amazing to talk to Lee. As I had been searching for answers for quite a while... Then 15 minutes over a coffee machine with Lee, and boom!
Please don't struggle alone, it's good to talk, someone might just have that little nugget you're looking for
Michele's Keto Kitchen ❤️
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