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eBook: Michele & Ella's Creative Bakes Cookbook


Michele & Ella have been busy trashing their kitchens, creating a variety of keto & low carb baked goods for the Creative Bakes Cookbook! Have a look at the images on this page for more details on the recipes included.

  • 110 Low Carb Recipes with 390+ step by step photos
  • Macros calculated for every recipe (given as macros for the whole recipe and per individual portion)
  • Chef's tips throughout the book to make your low carb baking easier
  • Difficulty code & timings for each recipe
  • Colour coded chapters and dietary requirements/allergen information for each recipe

In this book, there are 50 Egg-Free recipes, 62 Nut-Free recipes, 23 Dairy-Free recipes, 94 Vegetarian recipes and 9 Vegan recipes.