1:1 Personal Coaching Programme

1:1 Personal Coaching Programme

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Please email for more details and a chat before deciding if this is the package for you.

Look, this isn't for everyone. But if you feel you not only need the support from our members' group, but also 1:1 support and accountability, maybe this package is for you.

So, let's get to the point, What does the 1:1 Personal Coaching Programme include?

  • 1:1 online sessions with Mark, Ian, Sandie & Michele for 1 month (more details on their specialities are below)
  • Lifetime membership to Keto Fitness Club for continuous group support and accountability
  • A complete package of our cookbooks, MMM journal, plus the Ultimate Keto & Spice Bundle (including the dabba, pestle & mortar, and all spices)
  • And a few other Keto Fitness Club surprises :)


Mark's there for your everyday support. He'll guide you through macros, help you form a meal plan tailored to your needs and tastes, and, as a qualified fitness instructor, can give advice based on your fitness goals.


Ian has over 26 years’ experience of managing, mentoring, coaching, and helping people by using NLP, hypnotherapy, mindfulness and his unique "inside out understanding approach". During this programme, Ian will provide 1:1 sessions to discuss how our thinking can work with us, and in most cases, work against us.


Michele, also known as the Willy Wonka of Keto Fitness Club, guides you through any of the sweet treat / baked items that, when it comes to helping a family, are usually the game changer to avoiding the shop bought sweet treats.


Sandie helps you master the use of spices (your Ultimate Keto & Spice Bundle will come in handy here!) to create some spectacular dishes and take your cooking to a whole new level.