Sandie's School of Spice

Sandie's School of Spice
Every Wednesday in the members' group, Sandie runs online cooking classes over Zoom - all members are welcome to join in with the fun, sit back with a coffee or take notes! These sessions are also live-streamed into the members group so no-one misses out. To find out more about the membership, click here.
Sandie also runs classes for everyone, member or not. For more info, click here.
Here are all of the recipes that our members have made with Sandie so far. Enjoy!
Bombay Gobi
Bulgarian Sarmi
Greek Style Lamb Chops
Hunters Chicken
Italian Inspired Meatballs
Jerk Ribs
Katsu Chicken Curry
Mediterranean Salad
Mint Raita
Olive & Feta Salad
Sandie's Golden Kebabs
Sandie's Ketchup
Turmeric Basa Fillet