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Megga Mix (480g - makes 2 x 400g low carb bread loaves)

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Bake your own low carb bread at home with our Megga Mix. Each bag makes 2 low carb bread loaves or around 10 rolls.

  • 480g Megga Mix
  • Makes 2 loaves weighing approx. 400g each
  • Can be used in a breadmaker
  • Megga is not clean keto due to the gluten. 
  • For ingredients, baking instructions & nutritional info, see the product images. Click here for shipping info.

The Megga Story

Let's take you back to the summer of 2019, where Michele spent countless hours perfecting a low carb bread recipe for her husband Peter, who was looking to go low carb for his Parkinsons disease. Finally after months of tweaking ingredients & methods, Michele pulled a loaf out the oven and said "Wow! This is absolutely mega!". So, why the extra 'g' in the name? It's not a typo... Michele decided to add a second 'g' to "make it sound bigger" :D

Since being published in our recipe library, Megga quickly became the most visited recipe page on our site with photos of home-baked, truly mega Megga loaves popping up in our Facebook group. We began to get requests to produce ready-made Megga and, after a rollercoaster journey, we are proud to be producing not just the original Megga loaf, but a whole family of low carb breads, including the newer clean keto Panda range!


Gluten, Linseed, Oat Fibre, Yeast, Salt.

For allergens, see ingredients in bold. 

Please note that due to the way our food is prepared, it is not possible to guarantee the absence of allergens in our products.

Megga is not clean keto due to the gluten. 

Nutritional Information

Typical Values per 100g of baked Megga (according to instructions given): Energy - 1166kJ / 279 kcal // Protein - 34.1g // Carbohydrate - 1.14g (of which total sugar: 0.6g) // Fat: 12.17g (of which saturates: 4.1g) // Fibre: 10.0g // Salt: 1.15g

Tip: The carbohydrate value highlighted above is already net carbs.

Megga is not clean keto due to the gluten. 

Baking Instructions

Add 144ml warm water, 2 large eggs and 30g melted butter or olive oil to 240g Megga Mix and mix for 10 minutes. Place in a lined loaf tin or separate into rolls and place on greaseproof baking paper. Prove at 60°C for 45 minutes and then bake for 25 minutes at 180°C. To bake a Megga Loaf in a breadmaker, follow the bread making instructions given with your machine to determine whether it is liquids or solids first. Use the amounts of liquids given on the Megga Mix packaging.

Ketoroma Bakery by Keto Fitness Club

Megga Mix packed and dispatched by our Ketoroma Bakery, Rushden, Northamptonshire which achieved a 5 star Food Hygiene rating from the Food Standards Agency.


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