'I run for cake' - Nicola

Mark here, I asked in one of our group zooms recently 'Why did you join Keto Fitness Club?' and this was Nicola's response...

I had no idea what I let myself in for. I joined because I did a KICK session to speak to a real person about Keto & I got a free month in the group.

What I discovered is a fantastic collection of real people who live in the real world who face the same struggles as I face.

I love the fitness aspect, that is a real focus in my life  and something that resonates with me. Fitness and doing exercise is such an important part of keeping me, mentally, on an even keel. I even enjoy the Sunday double session!!!

I feel like I fit in here. I am frugal and don’t like wasting money, I love a yellow label, I freeze everything, I don't believe in ‘use by dates’, I love exercise. I love a few hours pottering about the kitchen on zoom with Michele, and a lot of these values are shared with the other members of the group.

Everyone here  is so supportive, no ‘why don’t you search’, no ‘you can’t have that’, there are lots of people who are keen to share knowledge, who seek out information to back up with science. I love that everything is science based and have enjoyed learning more about the science.

I love the mindset aspect, especially as it is, for me, the one thing missing from every other ‘failed’ attempt of living a healthy lifestyle. I feel I’ve always been lucky as I love my body, even at my heaviest at 15 stone. It’s amazing and does so much for me. I’ve grown 2 boys and fed them, ran marathons, I’ve always felt the body is a verb, a doing word. The sessions with Ian McGill both in the members group and private sessions have had such an epic impact on my life that I can’t even begin to put it into words. 

I love the social aspect, the group sessions, the cook alongs, exercise sessions and I wonder why more people don't take part.

I worry that as the world opens up, that the way I am able to interact with Keto Fitness Club will change, and not necessarily in a good way.


'I run for cake' one of Nicola's mantras :) 

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