Losing through lockdown - Emma Grey

The journey for me and my husband has been such a fantastic one. We went into the first lockdown last year and severely hit the biscuits, after a few months of pure indulgence we decided that we really needed to do something about our eating habits. 

A friend of mine had lost 6 stone recently, so I asked her what she had done and she said Keto. She was amazing and pointed me to a few Facebook groups and some information, after a bit of research we decided to go for it, so in July we set off. 

We weighed ourselves, took measurements and pictures and most importantly planned our meals. We kept our Keto really simple, we are most definitely not clean keto, we downloaded a food tracker app (we use My Fitness Pal) and started logging and weighing out our foods. The only macro we paid attention to in detail was the carbs, making sure we were under 20g per day. The only other thing we kept an eye on was our calories, we got a digital set of scales that told us various things including our BMR, we used this to let us know our calorie limit per day, we made sure we were under this to ensure we were in a calorie deficit and the weight started to come off. 

The first 2 weeks were amazing and we were shocked, then we found out this was just water weight and we hadn't even started, then we hit the wall and the weight loss stopped for around a month. We stuck with it and did a bit more research and again discovered this was normal whilst our bodies were changing. Then woo hoo week 7 appeared and whoosh off the weight came again. 

We've been consistently losing weight ever since (with the odd tiny blip here and there). Christmas was HARD! We had 5 days off and totally stuffed our faces with everything and anything. After that January was the hardest month we've ever experienced, it took us the entire month to get back on track, to stop craving sweet things, to stop having hissy fits over the smallest things and to get our motivation back. In complete hindsight my advice would be - don't do it to yourself. At the time it was incredible and a really enjoyable 5 days but that following month was terrible and how I didn't end up causing serious injury to someone with my mood swings I will never know

I can however report that from July to now April in 9 months I have lost 6 & 1/2 stone and my husband 5 & 1/2 stone. We are now experiencing the pain of selling/disposing of our old clothes and having to buy everything new. I've discovered dresses, I can fit in long boots, I have more energy, my knees don't hurt anymore when exercising, my stamina has improved, I sleep better and although my mind still doesn't know I've lost the weight, it makes it a nice surprise when I pass a shop window or a mirror and see the new me. I still have another stone to go but am looking forward to reaching my goal.

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