My Keto Journey - Part 2 by Neil 'Bigshow' Smith

So after my writing my starting point to Keto this is my part 2 of my Keto journey.

I began to get scared with the chest pains I was having and new I was on a path to destruction. I know this maybe controversial to some and again the blog is purely my thoughts and feelings but I do believe that food can be an addiction. Not only addictive but food can also become our comfort blanket. If I was bored I would eat. If I knew there was crisps or chocolate in I would have to eat it. I would think nothing of eating 6 bags of crisps and 4 or 5 chocolate bars on a night. My life was purely based on food. Again at my heaviest I was 30 stone and knew my life expectancy wasn’t looking good.

I saw Keto on Facebook and thought it was just another fad diet and that it was about me joining a club getting weighed each week and losing 1 or 2 pound. Luckily for me a YouTube video came up for Keto Fitness Club and it was about where to shop and what to buy for Keto diet. This got my attention and I then proceeded to watch more from Keto Fitness Club.

The thing that occurred to me was they weren’t pushing signing up and paying weekly for classes. There were free meal plans and recipes on here. This was the start of a new lifestyle and I didn’t even know it yet. I decided I was going to give this a try. I looked at some recipes and off I went to Aldi to get my shopping list. The thing I didn’t understand was the fact I was buying full fat things and food I like. I did my first week on Keto and loved it. I was a bit unsure on certain things and again the Keto Fitness Club had advertised a KICK meeting. This is where you can go and Mark Brereton the founder of Keto Fitness Club does a Zoom meeting and explains about Keto.

I used the club on Facebook to ask any questions or concerns I had and the help and motivation was amazing. After my first week I had a fantastic weight loss and this boosted my efforts. I carried on into week 2 and again a great weight loss. I felt more energetic and so good overall.

Week 3 I decided to join the gym. My gym session was a shock as to my poor level of fitness I could only do 5 minutes of slow walking on the tread mill and could hardly breathe. I tried to go on the rowing machine but I was too fat to put my feet in the holders and also reach the handle I had to put my feet at the side. Again I was out of breath in minutes. I kept going 5 days a week and pushed myself each time.

I joined the members part of Keto Fitness Club and joined in with several different zoom meeting they have. I can honestly say they are like a family, non-judgemental, helpful and encouraging. This is one thing that has motivated me. I also have a 1:1 meeting with Mark and this was fantastic he took time to get to know me and my journey and goals.

I got to week 4 and the difference was unbelievable. I was over 1 stone down in weight but the health benefits were beginning to show. I went for a diabetic check and my blood sugars were down dramatically. I was taken off the canaglflozin and my thyroid tablets were reduced. I no longer needed tena man incontinence pads. This change alone was worth the effort. I carried on with the gym and had now started to push myself and was on the treadmill with a slight incline pushing myself hard. I was doing the weight training as well and spending about an hour each morning trying to improve each time.

Week 6 of my Keto diet and I realised I will not call it a diet anymore as diets for me are about weight loss and for me this is so much more it’s now my Keto lifestyle. I started to test my blood and have never had a high reading. I have so much energy. My resting heart rate has gone from 86 to 72. My fitness is so much better I don’t get out of breath like I used to do daily tasks. I no longer need Viagra (the missus has also felt the benefits of Keto!). The progress in the gym is fantastic and I have set myself long term fitness goals. I can honestly say Keto and Keto Fitness Club is a big contributing factor in saving my life. I know that’s a bold statement but without it I do not think I would have had long left. I do have to have a massive shout or for my wife Diane who has supported me and also done Keto with me, without her I do not know if I would be still doing it.

I’m now at week 9 of my journey and I now weight 24 stone 7 pound. I can now put my own socks and shoes on and feel so much better. I have gone from a 6 or 7xl to a 4xl tee shirt. from size 60 waist to 52 waist. My knees are so much better and very little pain in them now. I have another diabetic review coming up soon and I will post the results in here. I am doing this blog not for praise or recognition but to be honest and hopefully inspire others who face the same or similar issues that I have or I’m still facing. I have a long journey ahead of me but I’m focused and determine. I have my friends my family and my Keto Fitness Club family behind me!


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