'trust the process' by Shel Pavlov

I've noticed a lot of people asking if exercise is essential to lose weight.. it's not.. obviously it is beneficial BUT if you are not capable of this (like me) please don't lose hope

I’m not particularly mobile (I have MS, behçet's, EDS and am recovering from a massive brain haemorrhage. 

I do physio daily and a small amount of Pilates as part of my routine and have now lost over 12 stone.

As Michele Cooper  says... 'trust the process'

Keto will not solve all of your problems BUT it might help some of them.

I have gone from a size 20/22 to a size 4/6 and significantly reduced my pain levels.

Also.. fasting is not essential. I eat 2 meals a day.. I cannot do elongated fasts (48 hours+) because of my medications... however I can restrict my eating to twice a day.. there is always a way to make keto work for you just ask Mark Brereton  and please book one of his kick workshops to get you started. This group is the absolute best.
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