K.I.C.K. Month

We believe keto is simple.

We help our members create their lifestyles focusing on Macros, Movement & Mindset. With K.I.C.K, you'll have an insight into our membership for one month; succeed in your low carb / keto lifestyle with our daily mix of cooking sessions, exercise classes and in-depth discussions.
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The next K.I.C.K. month begins on Wednesday 29th December.
Click the left / right arrows to see the four-week timetable of current K.I.C.K. month to see what you can expect!
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Once the K.I.C.K. month has finished, you will have the opportunity to remain in the members group by becoming a member (either monthly subscription, or through an annual or lifetime package).
There are no hidden fees with any of the K.I.C.K. tickets or membership options.
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Members already have access to the K.I.C.K. programme, as well as the members' website. So what's the difference between the K.I.C.K. ticket and £9.99 membership subscription? Well, consider the K.I.C.K. ticket as a way to 'trial' our membership without signing up to a subscription straight away.