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Cheesy Soda Bread

You can also find this recipe on page 34 in the FFS cookbook.



Keto Fitness Club

If swapping the almonds for linseed, the calories would stay pretty much the same. The carbs may reduce a little.

Keto Fitness Club

The macros for each roll (makes 8) are stated above. The weight of the rolls will vary depending on the size of the eggs used. It would be best to weigh out your mix and divide that by 8 to work out how much one roll will be.

Keto Fitness Club

I’m assuming there will be less calories and carbs and n the rolls If you use milked flaxseed in place of almond flour. Is this a correct assumption? Thanks

Keto Fitness Club

Guys what sort of weight should the rolls be and how many carbs per roll

Keto Fitness Club

What could you use instead of nuts?

Keto Fitness Club

Hi I am looking to make the soda bread. How much is a serving? Is it per 100g ??


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