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Scotch Eggs

You'll also find this recipe on page 43 of the FFS! Cookbook.



Keto Fitness Club

Scotch Eggs were absolutely delicious. But please amend recipe book to WTF from FFS. xx

Keto Fitness Club

Yes they can be cooked in the air fryer, I’d say 180c for around 15 minutes :D

Keto Fitness Club

Hi Mark,

Can you air fry these scotch eyes and if so, how long would you recommend?

Many thanks in advance.

Keto Fitness Club

Hi Lisa,

The scotch eggs keep in the fridge for 3-4 days and we don’t recommend freezing them :)

Keto Fitness Club

How long will these keep in fridge please

Keto Fitness Club

Making these at the weekend can you freeze them if not how long will they keep for please thanks

Keto Fitness Club

I absolutely loved these 😍 and so easy to make!
Thank you!

Keto Fitness Club

made the scotch eggs the where great thank you

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