Scotch Eggs

You'll also find this recipe in our WTF? Cookbook.


These were fab, bit scary as I have never deep fried before at all, had a tea towel ready, but after watching Marks video I felt more at ease trying these, not as good as my mums but to be Keto friendly they are excellent 💖

Karen Edmond

Hiya i found these in the WTF book not FFS, the recipe here on the webpage is also bit diff but no biggie. Going to make for a long walk i have.

Flora Arbuckle

Scotch Eggs were absolutely delicious. But please amend recipe book to WTF from FFS. xx


Yes they can be cooked in the air fryer, I’d say 180c for around 15 minutes :D

Mark Brereton

Hi Mark,

Can you air fry these scotch eyes and if so, how long would you recommend?

Many thanks in advance.

Mrs Jayne K Day

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