Ian McGill - Transformational Coach

The reason why most people struggle or fail on their journey to better health, better fitness and weight-loss is because their thinking gets in the way.


My passion is to help with that as I'm a Transformational Coach and  I help my clients with overcoming eating, drinking and addiction issues, increasing confidence, getting rid of worry, anxiety and depression and overwhelm, that feeling of being stuck in their head and life. 
I am transforming people's lives by helping to change their thinking, which improves their behaviour, because changing behaviour requires changing thinking.

My success on the keto journey (I lost 46 pounds in 16 weeks) was possible because I got my thinking "right" before starting out. 
The KETO journey experiences helped me empathise with my clients and fully understand their needs and concerns. I can share my weight loss journey as well as coach individuals to improve their thinking (their mindset).

I share with my clients the ability to get back our health, innate wellbeing and inner happiness.

I have over 26 years’ experience of managing, mentoring, coaching, and helping people by using NLP, hypnotherapy, mindfulness and my unique "inside out understanding approach". However, I feel my most important credentials are my own experiences and health improvements utilising the Ketogenic lifestyle:  I was able to reverse my type 2 diabetes and put into remission my heart palpitations, snoring, tingling in my hands and feet, severe headaches and brain fog.

You can find out more about Ian on his website and YouTube channel


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