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Access the members' website with our 28 day meal guide, accountability journal, exclusive discount codes & more. PLUS join our members' Facebook support group and Zoom sessions to further support your low carb & keto journey.All for just £9.99 a month.

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  • Macros: from cooking classes to understanding macros.

    - Access to our KICK workshops on replay

    - 28 Day Meal Guide on the members' website

    - All of our cookbooks in eBook form, available to download for free on the members' website

    Wednesday 5pm: "Cook The Book" cooking session with Mark

    Thursday 6pm: "Cooking with the K-Team" cooking session with our Associates

    Saturday 10am: "Michele's Keto Kitchen" cooking session with Michele

  • Mindset: Change your thinking.

    - Monday 7:30pm: Explore why we think the way we do (and how we can change) with Ian McGill, Transformational Coach.

    - Tuesday 7:30pm: Alternating between Media Club & Activity Chat (share science and interesting finds, or talk all things activity)

    - Thursday 7:30pm: Alternating between A.O.B. and M.M.M. (discuss hot topics and the three M's with Mark & Ian)

    - Friday 10am: Coffee Morning & Q&A (have a chat and ask any questions for group support)

    - Friday 7:30pm: Accountability & Recognition

    - Sunday 11:30am: Break-fast Club (have a chat and ask any questions for group support)

  • Movement: Zoom fitness classes for all abilities.

    - Recorded workouts available within the members' website

    Monday 6pm: Dumbbells, Resistance Bands or Kettlebells Workout

    Tuesday 1pm: Low Impact & Mobility

    Wednesday 8:30am: Dumbbells, Resistance Bands or Kettlebells Workout

    Wednesday 11am: Pilates with Lisa

    Thursday 1pm: Low Impact & Mobility

    Friday 8:30am: HIIT Workout

    Friday 11:30am: Dance Fun-ness with Lisa

    Sunday 8:30am: HIIT Workout

    Sunday 9:30am: Dumbbells, Resistance Bands or Kettlebells Workout

  • Suzanne

    "All the love, support, food samples (thank you Pauline) and advice I have received from you all has boosted my confidence, kept me focused, helped me to grow, to learn and to succeed.  It’s all given me the confidence to know I can do this and that this is my way of living that suits my body, to stay healthy, happy, fit, well and not in pain."

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  • Pauline

    "Being a member of Keto Fitness Club is the best money I’ve ever invested in myself!"

    Read Pauline's Story 
  • Eira

    "I am so grateful that I not only found the Keto Fitness Club Public Group, but that I took the plunge and soon after joining the member’s group I became a life member. I have met lifelong friends who continue to support my Keto life in so many ways."

    Read Eira's story & blog about food addiction 
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