Tracy's Story


My journey so far ….During my appointment with a consultant back in March 2019, I was really struggling with my recovery following major surgery the previous September. He said at one point “You will never be the same again health wise” and “Today is as good as its going to be”. This didn’t do anything for my mindset as I was suffering with bad chronic fatigue, constant pain and no control over my bowel. At my next visit I saw my own consultant and he suggested I may benefit from a low carb diet. So, like everyone else I went home and began my research, I could not find much about low carb but the word ‘Keto’ kept popping up. I joined a few Facebook groups and watched a few Americans on YouTube but was more confused than ever. At the start of Summer that year I went cold turkey from sugar, coffee, and all white starchy carbs. I think my poor husband had to put up with a lot between my mood swings and grumpiness! This was just not working at all for me. Then, thankfully in September 2019 this all changed when I found one of Marks shopping videos on YouTube, I remember thinking ‘Thank God, a British guy!’. At this stage I was in a bad way with my health issues, we were still stuck at home shielding due to the pandemic and there seemed no end in sight to my recovery. I then had had another setback. The emergency treatment at hospital to repair my bowel just wasn’t holding up. I joined the public group, bought some recipe books and decided to join a kick workshop to learn more about this lifestyle. I took up membership and joined the members group to access the support for a month. During a 1 to 1 with Mark I remember him saying “just give it a year” and looking back now WOW what a year it has been for me! My first Friday night zoom was very busy, I was made to feel very welcome was there with members who I now consider to be very close friends. I was helped with my questions, given lots of support and encouragement. October saw me return to hospital for a repair to the repair on my bowel. I suffered some complications which turned to be a blessing as it highlighted a few other things going on that may have been overlooked. Over the next few weeks, I attended every possible Zoom I could, except for the exercise ones, as I was under strict Dr’s orders ‘walking only’! I picked up lots of tips from everyone and was exploring my own preferences. . I felt part of the Keto family, with non-judgement, constant support and guidance from the members. I have now fully embraced the lifestyle, taking my family along for the ride. My tribe are now being educated on the benefits of clean eating, sugar free and very low carb .I’ve learned to love myself and the true value of a ‘quiet mind’.  The members here have helped me so much that I want to now help others as they join the group. The Wednesday Café Zoom was born, and it helped provide members a place to meet and to pop in for a chat.  Then when Mark asked me to become a Mentor for new members I did not hesitate to accept. My journey has not been easy. I often will say ‘trust the process’ and ‘slow and steady wins the race’. If you were to lose a pound a week over a year that is 52 pounds. I began my journey at 17st 3lb wearing size 20 clothing which was tight. On my 1-year anniversary with the group I weighed 12 st 12lb!That’s a loss of 4st 5lb. That’s 61 lbs lost that year!!! I don’t weigh myself much these days as I trust how I feel and I’m counting my wins in other ways. Some of my None Scale Victories include-


I am now able to wear the ring my hubby proposed with! Not been able to do that in over 20 years. The feeling is amazing and seeing it on my finger every day is awesome!I bought some Llama leggings as I now have the confidence to wear theses bright colours. I sized down first time ever in my life (normally I would buy bigger than I need)! I love how they make me feel when wearing them.


Recently I have noticed my size 16 jeans now have plenty of room in them. In May I became a lifer! What’s a lifer you may be thinking? I upgraded my annual membership to a lifetime membership. Why? For me personally it was a no brainer. Since I found this group, did my Kick workshop it’s become life changing. The benefits are never ending. One of the biggest changes in my life has been finding my passion for cooking as when I first joined, I did not cook, and if I had to I did not enjoy it. The children bought me some cooking lessons with Michele for my birthday and I loved every minute, I gained so much confidence that mealtimes at ‘ours’ has become very satisfying and delicious thanks to all the recipes and numerous cooking zooms that I’ve attended as a member. Mindset is also another big part of my journey. Looking back, I think I was a member for about 6 weeks before I attended Ian’s Monday night Zoom.  Oh Boy!! I have learnt so much about myself through these sessions. They are the gift that keep on giving. I do my best to turn up, live in the moment and experience all they have to offer. The more I lived this lifestyle, the more I wanted to help and become involved with Keto Fitness Club, I wanted to travel and meet the members in person. I travelled to Glasgow for Chris and Dan's meetup.

I asked local members if they wanted to meet for a coffee in Cardiff and this turned into a full weekend with members traveling from all over the UK to meet. The biggest highlight was Kestival last summer, I was known online for counting down the sleeps until we were there!. Although meeting people in person was kind of strange after chatting for so long online, I felt like we had always known each other, and lifelong friendships have been formed.

I love being a part of this Keto family. I am my authentic self; I give my love and support to all.Through my journey I have grown along the way and learnt many new skills, from hosting social zooms, composing the monthly newsletter, being part of the Mentors for new members and sharing many Cwtches with those who need one. Most recently I have even cooked with Sue as part of the K-Team where we cooked my favourite recipe ‘Michele’s quick Chicken curry'. I will always treasure the memory of Mark ringing me late on a Saturday afternoon in October with the whole team in the background asking me if I would like to become part of the team. Those who know me will know I did not hesitate, as this is where my passion lives!I now wear my Navy t-shirt with pride, I represent everything Keto Fitness Club represents while being able to give in abundance my most precious gift… My time. You can contact me any time via my email

I’m so excited to see where the next part of my journey takes me. I have not done this alone and I must say a BIG THANK YOU to everyone that is Keto Fitness Club!

Much love and Cwtches 

Tracy xx


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