My Keto far by Suzanne Cole

I knew deep down that my weight had spiraled out of control, however I was not ready to face facts. I would squeeze my body into clothes that were too small, refusing to buy new clothes in a size 20.  I was miserable, lonely, feeling hopeless and really sad inside.  

You see, I’d spent my entire adult life ranging from a size 14 to 24, I've tried everything to lose weight, but it's never worked properly, the weights returned, it's been really hard and pushed me emotionally to dark places. 

Finding Keto and Keto Fitness Club has changed my life, I am no longer spiraling, I am growing in mind and body, I am stronger, fitter, healthier, I am in control, I feel like me for the first time in as long as I can remember.

I stumbled into Keto by accident, initially I was very sceptical. , In the first lockdown of Covid I was literally baking for England.  We couldn't go out, or see friends and going shopping was a luxury.  In my head me baking was looking after my family!.  We had just celebrated VE day in May 2020with an afternoon tea on our front lawn with our neighbours. It was lovely, but when my neighbours posted a picture I was horrified, it made me realise I was out of control.  How had that happened?  Why was I in denial? I cried; my husband Andy knew I was ready to try something new.

For months, he had been hinting, watching TV shows, even watching YouTube programs about keto athletes (He’s a triathlete) He bravely, (risking his life), suggested we started Keto on the 1st June 2020.  To his surprise, I agreed, albeit unconvinced and thinking we would put even more weight on.  But I was desperate, so  I started my own research; in a few clicks I had found several Facebook groups, luckily Keto Fitness Club was one I found straight away and I soon ditched the other groups.   I grabbed a pad and pen and wrote a meal plan and shopping list, I cleared the cupboards of all the things we wouldn't be eating, sent some to food bank and the rest to the neighbours. 

My head was spinning, everything I had been taught about food was turned on its head, I now questioned the whole food and health industries!

After week one, I was hooked, I loved the food, I loved the freedom, I loved that every mouthful felt like a treat, it didn't feel like a diet at all.  In the first week I lost 4kg.  I had decided to use kg to try to avoid becoming obsessed with pounds, which has worked.  Hubby bought new scales that analyse everything, so I concentrated on turning my orange and red zoned statistics into the green. 

The weight has continued  falling off, I've had some weeks of standstill, frustration of the odd gain but I always know it's when I've stopped weighing carbs and not tracking anything.  We've found sticking to Keto pretty easy, I love cooking, I love food, I can adapt most things and with the free recipe library on Keto Fitness Club, I was flying. 

I've shouted about Keto Fitness Club and Keto from the roof tops, if I can do this, honestly anyone can, they just need help to find Keto.  Friends and strangers who after seeing my weight loss and chatting have joined,  are now on their way to their own happy place.  I feel very proud of this community we are all part of.  

To date I've lost 4stone and 11lbs and I'm now in a size 12, I never thought I would say that.......... I do need to go clothes shopping though! 

Currently I'm where I want to be, in a healthy weight range, I feel confident that with Keto Fitness Club by my side I will just continue to live as I am, we have no desire to go back to our old ways and we don't miss anything, we've almost lived a year in Keto now.  

Andy never had any weight to lose, however he is leaner, his body shape has changed massively, he can now race fat adapted and he's really looking forward to his 70.3 mile Half Outlaw Triathlon race coming up very soon. 

I credit my success to each and every member of the Keto Fitness Club family, especially Mark and Ella for starting and running the group, I've celebrated my successes, shared my running journey from couch to 5k, to running a 10k and my return to swimming.  

I've shared recipes, products, ideas, loads of things, including, some may say, far too many pictures of me after a run!  All the love, support, food samples (thank you Pauline Moore) and advice I have received from you all has boosted my confidence, kept me focused, helped me to grow, to learn and to succeed.  It’s all given me the confidence to know I can do this and that this is my way of living that suits my body, to stay healthy, happy, fit, well and not in pain.  

Thank you everyone, I feel privileged to be part of this fantastic club. 

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