Sue's Story

My Keto Journey I started my keto journey about two years ago - yep just as Covid hit I found this group via the wonderful Michele Cooper!n the last stages of pregnancy and was what I classed as a ‘good diabetic’ NOT!!!! I ate and drank what I liked exercise yeah that was walking to school or the pub! But my life was about to change for the better… Shortly after I joined I was going to do a KICK but ended up on the first digital KICK (don’t ask me who else was on as can’t remember!) but all I knew was WOW no more American recipes of which I found were puds and kept thinking what else do they eat!!!!! I quickly got into it had a chat with Mark and started going on the zooms (which were new and wth?) but went with the flow! In the April I heard about fasting and thought ‘get away’ but you know me I came around to the idea and soon embraced it and did some long ones too - the weight started to come off and I stopped my meds (my decision and only mine!) I was about to turn the big 50! And suddenly thought mmmm can I really reverse my diabetes - as anyone in the know, knows this is never discussed! So me bring me dug my heels in and went full throttle got close and got nervous week before my birthday went for the bloods shaking In my boots…. No phone call….. So I rang them……. Got a call back say down and then I got the news I had only dreamt about HbA1c 36 liver function normal chloresterol fine (I’m nearly in tears writing this now!!!) OMG I had done it!!! So I had to share with the group!!!! 25th June is now MY DAY!!!! I was on cloud 99!!!! So now what???? Mark then called and asked me to be part of the team - who me? Why? Are you sure you want me???? YES!!!!! And so the next chapter began! This group has become more then most can believe you’re all part of my family and I’ve made some long life friends (you know who you are!) Mark and Ella literally saved my life, like so many of you too - the group continues to grow and I love it to bits and can never imagine life without you all in it (sorry!) Yes I’ve had ups and downs fallen off the wagon but unlike before I get back on dust myself down and continue and hopefully learn along the way. Yes the weight isn’t coming off like I’d like - but hey if it was that easy we’d all be size 8!!!! I’m now fitter and healthier then I’ve ever been and I know that it’s not just what’s on the outside that counts but also what’s inside! We heal from the inside out. So I hope I’ve helped one person if not more and hey if I can do this then anyone can! Hope I haven’t put you all to sleep! And yep Ninja Sue will do some more videos cos hey Iam number 1 on our channel - just saying 😂😂😂😂
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