Lincoln Members' Meet-Up

Written by Pauline


The Lincoln meet-up on 17th & 18th September was a great example of what being a member of Keto Fitness Club is all about; living in the now and getting an opportunity to top up on the 3 Keto Fitness Club key principles of Mindset, Motivation & Macros!  

Our mindset was enhanced by spending time with like-minded people with a shared lifestyle choice, being in nature, taking exercise, easily sharing conversation as if we’d known each other for years and having fun! As one of the participants summed up – I feel like I have made long-term friendships that I would never have anticipated possible just by joining Keto Fitness Club.

That led to heaps of motivation – not only to do the Park Run but encouraged some of the group to do more exercise at home, participate in more of what is offered to members on the Zooms and join more local meet-ups. 

And finally, the macros – something we all have in common – the love of talking about and eating great food! And there was plenty!

Jackie and Julie were staying overnight - to be in Lincoln bright and early for the Park-Run. Pauline invited them for a guided tour to explore the beautiful city of Lincoln & Sue joined too. The plans soon morphed from meeting for the Park Run followed by breakfast to include sight-seeing, eating out and evening entertainment!!  

Friday afternoon was spent mainly exploring the wonderful Up-Hill area of Lincoln and its historic Bailgate area – with the fabulous Cathedral & Castle. A great photo opportunity soon presented – the imp statues from the Lincoln Imp Trail were displayed in the grounds of the Castle before they get auctioned off for Charity. 

A definite on the to-do list was a visit to Imperial Teas on the aptly named Steep Hill!  Everyone left with goodies – some may have flexed their credit card muscles a bit too!  

Then time for food – having seen pics of other members enjoying the fabulous menu we booked The Botanist. The Pork Scratchings & Hanging Kebabs did not disappoint!

Back to the sleepy Lincolnshire village of Dunston, Pauline had prepared puddings to enjoy and give sustenance ready for a short walk to a comedy night in her local village hall. By chance, Suzanne was there too!  

Slightly nervous that the only places available were at the front, the group hesitantly sat down. Jackie informed the Compere that we were celebrating Keto – but to our surprise and delight he was well educated in what Keto was about! The evening was fabulous – as Sue said, ‘I haven’t laughed that much for ages!’ Saturday was the Park-Run at Doddington Hall – it was an early start & Pauline, Sue and Jackie were joined by more Keto Fitness Club members (sadly Julie was poorly so had to leave). Suzanne and Carole from Lincoln. Nicola (who madly was taking part in a marathon Equinox Event at Belvoir Castle). Helen from Nottingham and Sarah from Gainsborough. Some ran but most walked – again a great opportunity to spend time together. 

After the Park Run Nicola had to dash back to Equinox but the others enjoyed a delicious keto-friendly breakfast in the lovely café at Doddington Hall. We then moved to a picnic bench for more chatting, coffee, water (and cakes!). Time flew by!

There is so much to be gained from the local meet ups, so if you can, take the opportunity to join one. One of our group heart-warmingly commented ‘the meet ups are a definite positive step in forming true friendships and keeping focussed on the lifestyle. I can honestly say without Keto Fitness Club and all our members I just know I wouldn’t be feeling the true happiness I am feeling right now - I am truly grateful and proud to be a part of Keto Fitness Club’.

Keto Fitness Club just keeps on giving!

Julie: "For me, I would like to say that the meet-up felt very relaxed from start to finish and like we already knew each other. We all shared a common goal in our lifestyle choices so that also contributed to a shared love of the day. Conversation was natural with no uncomfortable silences. From my perspective, I believe out tour guide (you) was excellent and shared lots of interesting detail about the city that I was not aware of. The planned variety from the day into the evening was brilliant with always something to look forward too. I feel like I have made long term friendships that I would have never anticipated possible just by joining Keto Fitness Club. I live alone and have had a relatively quiet lifestyle outside of my daughter and grandchildren. I believe it has given me friendships and opportunities in my own right to spend time with like-minded people"


Jackie: "What am I supposed to say when I’m at home on a day off just sat down to write this and to eat a very juicy Tomahawk steak … booked to go to the Keto Fitness Club Xmas party and took delivery of an indoor smart bike so that I can fit exercise more easily into a daily routine as I have a busy work schedule. I’m feeling the happiest I’ve felt in a long time .. definitely a lot to do with the Lincoln meet up a few days ago, met up with 3 awesome people that made the time in Lincoln a very pleasant time … that’s all I really need to say … This is what I’ll say though … I had an absolute fantastic time .. very well organised .. in absolute awe of Pauline for the person she is and everything she did to make it a truly enjoyable time from start to finish … Sue is an absolute credit to Keto Fitness Club , very down to earth and very easy to be around."


"Accommodation was the best ever in Pauline’s village at a beautiful pub , the trip into Lincoln was very expensive for me as soon as we entered Imperial Tea Company !! Had a lovely meal out then back to Pauline’s where 3 of us were truly spoilt with delicious puddings. then on to a comedy night at the village hall .. Then one or two (maybe more 😳) relaxed nightcaps with Julie back at the pub and accommodation. talking with the local people. I can honestly say it was a truly enjoyable relaxed time. Most of all it was the 3 people that I was with that made it a great time .. all amazing, very welcoming down to earth and non-judgemental people."


"It’s only myself that has got me where I am today .. as it was my choice to start out on a low carb lifestyle after being on every manufactured “diet “out there and putting on so much weight because they didn’t work for long .. Once I started on a low carb diet, researching for myself and then going on to find Keto Fitness Club on YouTube did I realise the Keto lifestyle is what I need to do …  I joined the members group very soon after watching Mark and Ella’s videos. I may not be very active in Zooms or on Facebook for a couple of reasons …However, I am always catching up when I can and I can honestly say without Keto Fitness Club and all our members I just know I wouldn’t   be feeling the true happiness I am feeling right now because I couldn’t have got this far with the Keto lifestyle and all the huge benefits, we have from living it without being part of an amazing group. I am truly grateful and proud to be a part of Keto Fitness Club. All the meet ups that are starting to happen within Keto Fitness Club is definitely a positive step in my experience to forming true friendships and keeping focused on the Keto lifestyle."

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