My keto lifestyle journey by Neil Smith

This blog is from one of our members Neil Smith about his keto lifestyle journey and is purely based on his journey, feelings and thoughts.

I started to put weight on many years ago after an accident that left me in a wheelchair for 18 months. From here thing began to change. I got diagnosed with under active thyroid over 25 years ago and my medication kept increasing up to 275mg. I did the usual weight watchers and slimming world also tried the Atkins diet. I tried the egg diet and the green tea. On all of these I was successful for a short period but then found myself putting on more weight than I originally started with. At my heaviest I was over 30 stone in weight. I was diagnosed with diabetes and again my medication increased to 2000mg of metformin unfortunately because of my lifestyle and eating whatever I wanted my diabetes spiralled out of control and I then got put onto canagliflozin 100mg. This was a second level to try to control my diabetes.

This wasn't the only issues I had whist been at this weight.

My testosterone level had plummeted and I now could not perform in the bedroom. I ended up having to take Viagra for this.

Another side effect of the extra diabetes medication was the fact I could no longer hold my urine for more than around 20 to 30 minutes. The answer to this was Tena man, incontinence pads.

50 years old and I felt like 90 years old.

Through my own fault and over eating, incorrect foods I was not only ruining my life but also others.

I could no longer put my sock on myself without a real struggle. I couldn't tie my shoes. My whole life was a struggle.

I had horrible knee pain and unable to walk round a supermarket without serious pain.

My fitness level was zero and I got out of breath just walking around.

Buying clothes was an issue as I needed 6 or 7xl and such a limited choice.

The final straw for me was chest pains. I kept this to myself and didn't want to worry anyone. Drinking antacids all the time to try and stop it but in my mind, I knew what was going to happen if I didn't do something fast.

This was the turning point for me.

This is a picture of me on holiday in Spain. I have spared you all the part of the mankini and edit it out. Please ignore the wig as well. I just want to show my starting point.
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