Stacey's journey so far!

Well where to begin, after looking at pictures of myself from last hogmany I decided enough was enough.

I have gradually put weight on since I 17 years of age going from size 12 to size 24. My weight fluctuated along the years up and down with yo yo dieting from 10 stone up until my heaviest around 21 stone each one lasting few weeks and making me feel unwell.


I was always an active person however this never helped due to good that was eating. This lead to an unhealthy relationship with food. I enjoyed healthy food but I also now realise that between the healthy meals I was having family sized bags crisps and chocolate and lots of other snacks. Food was there for me during my happy times, sad times and boredom.

Then I found keto in July 2020 and boy has it changed my attitude to food and my health for the better. I was recommended keto fitness club Facebook page by one of my work colleagues and I am super grateful for that recommendation. On finding this group I have looked at food in a whole new way and re educated myself on nutrition. I love all the inventive people on site that come up with all nutritious and beautiful recipes that they all kindly share with us and that we are all there to help and support each other through good and bad days in out journey.

Also, for all lovely cook books which have made my passion for cooking develop and improve. From starting keto in July 2020 I have lost 5 stone and clothes size 24 to 16 which I never thought would be possible alongside intermittent fasting. I get to wake up daily and eat nutritious and tasty food. I now feel like I can continue on and reach my goal with my new lifestyle.

For anyone starting out there will be ups and down but that's OK pick yourself up and continue tomorrow x

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