No-Bake Cheesecake (Lime / Strawberry / Raspberry)

Looking for baked cheesecakes? We've got a chocolate and a vanilla recipe.

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Made this yesterday using raspberry flavour and added a little coca powder to disguise the ground almonds. Oh my, completely blown away with it – very, very nice and so easy to do as well without the overpowering sugar hit. On the hunt for lime jelly flavour now. :-)

Sarah Curran

Omg just made this with Strawberry jelly as no lime in my Tesco, can believe how nice this is thanks xx

Karen Edmond

I have made this twice, strawberry and the lime so easy and enjoyed by the whole family


Absolutely gorgeous, I don’t need to say anymore!

Sian Williams

Brilliant easy do recipie that is totally yummy

Elaine Skinner

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