Nutty Choc Bar

It's an attempt at copying a nut bar that my husband loves which we buy from a local supermarket.  He loves mine more...Boom!

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Delicious and easy to make!

Sandra Alston

These bars are easy to make and taste wonderful, I’ve just made my first batch and am so pleased I did. Michele is such a clever lady…

Sandra Alston

Omg, I cannot stop making these. I made then wrong the first time, as didnt read the recipe correctly, but still tasted lovely. 2nd or is it 3rd time lucky, perfect. Will be making many many more, oh dear x


These bars are my favourite keto indulgence. The are delicious, thank you Michelle.

Sharon Ellery

Absolutely love these nutty bars, just made my second batch of them, they are definitely better than any bought ones from a supermarket, and they’re so quick and easy to make, win, win. Thank you Michele.

Denise Turner

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