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Electrolyte Drink

You can also find this recipe on page 116 in our WTF? Cookbook.



Keto Fitness Club

Without my electrolytes, I get tired and suffer with horrific cramps/muscle spasms. During the hot weather, I take an extra ‘dose’ as a pick me up. I really know if I have missed one. I have found that using sparkling water makes it much more palatable!

Keto Fitness Club

Can the concentrate of this be frozen into ice cubes and then added to water daily to dilute?

Keto Fitness Club

Hi Helen, lots of our members make this up as a concentrate with everything except the water, then keep it in the fridge and dilute it when needed :)

Keto Fitness Club

Hi can I make up 1 weeks supply and keep it in the fridge, do you think it would retain its nutrients? Thank you

Keto Fitness Club

Hi Keith, you could try the electrolyte drink without the vinegar. The vinegar isn’t an ‘electrolyte’ as such but can help with the regulation of blood sugars.

Keto Fitness Club

I have always hated all vinegars – will this taste as disgusting as I think it might? Would like to try it but really not sure I can bring myself to. Please tell me it tastes just like Cream Soda?

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