Electrolyte Drink

You can also find this recipe on page 116 in our WTF? Cookbook.



  • Can the concentrate of this be frozen into ice cubes and then added to water daily to dilute?

  • Hi Helen, lots of our members make this up as a concentrate with everything except the water, then keep it in the fridge and dilute it when needed :)

    Mark Brereton
  • Hi can I make up 1 weeks supply and keep it in the fridge, do you think it would retain its nutrients? Thank you

  • Hi Keith, you could try the electrolyte drink without the vinegar. The vinegar isn’t an ‘electrolyte’ as such but can help with the regulation of blood sugars.

    Mark Brereton
  • I have always hated all vinegars – will this taste as disgusting as I think it might? Would like to try it but really not sure I can bring myself to. Please tell me it tastes just like Cream Soda?

    Keith Stannard

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