Coconut & Linseed Porridge

You'll also find this recipe on page 20 of the WTF? Cookbook.



Not usually a breakfast person but wont be eating til about 3pm as our main meal of the day. This has filled the gap til then. Tasty and filling. I added peanut butter but didnt really think its for me. I can make this for lunch sometimes. Thankyou for this recipe ☺

Cheryl Watkins

There isn’t a substitute for coconut flour, however we do have a chia & linseed porridge which might suit you:

Mark Brereton

I’m allergic to coconut – can I substitute almond flour, or another flour, for the coconut flour?

Elizabeth Allan

We included the fibre content on the porridge recipe as some people struggle with large amounts of fibre in one go. So it’s not necessarily a good or bad thing as the effects of fibre differ from person to person – we just wanted to make people aware of the high fibre content if it’s something they need to be aware of.

Hope that helps :)

Mark Brereton

Is high in fibre on the Keto diet a good or bad thing? The coconut and linseed porridge recipe mentions it in such a way as to suggest it is. Just wondered.

Carol Hayter

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