Keto Essentials: Shopping List & Videos

Some of the day-to-day items that will help you have a good selection to choose from are:

Cheese- Mature Cheddar, Monteray Jack, Cream Cheese, Brie/Camembert, Goats Cheese, Mozzarella and Mascarpone.
There are plenty of options when it comes to choosing meat & fish as either a snack or a meal option. The majority of meat is high in protein but by choosing from the items shown below you will also get a good source of dietary fats which will not only add flavour but will also satisfy your hunger.

Sliced Meats- Salami, Chorizo, Corned Beef, Pastrami, Ham.

Meats- Chicken Thighs/legs, Bockwurts Sausage, 97% Pork Sausages, Back or Streaky Back Bacon, Pork Chops, Steaks, Lamb Steak, Lamb Mince (20% fat), Beef Rib Eye, Beef Rump Steak, Mince Beef (20% fat). 
Fish- Oily Fish is a fantastic way of getting Omega-3 into your diet and other seafood items such as prawns and haddock are packed full of protein and enable you to create tasty dishes.
Coconut Products
Dietary fats can come from some unusual sources and these foods help keep the variety of dishes you create interesting and enjoyable. Coconut comes in various forms and has many health benefits; coconut milk can be used to create quick breakfasts, tasty snacks, spicy curries and creamy deserts. Be careful when buying coconut milk that your aren't picking up a low/reduced fat version. The best I've found for quality, price and taste is from Aldi which contains 91% coconut extract. Many 'brand' coconut milk contain as little as 51% coconut extract which means you are paying for extra water.
Coconut oil is a saturated fat which is amazing to use for baking, frying and creating such things as Fat Bombs and Bullet Proof Coffee (BPC). You will either find 'cold pressed' coconut oil which retains both its scent and taste, or you can buy 'heat treated' coconut oil that has been produced without either of these and they work exactly the same, but the latter is usually cheaper. The Coco Loco from Aldi is around £2.30 for a 300ml jar whereas the KTC from Morrisons is under £2 for a 500ml jar. 

Coconut Flour is one of the two main flour replacements used in low carb foods. This is available in most big supermarkets but it is rarely placed with the flour so it might take a little looking for.
Baking & Sweeteners
One of the best ways of keeping low carb/keto is to make your own sweet treats. This might sound daunting to some but there are some very simple recipes to follow. Choosing the right sweetener is important as there are many on the market that will have a negative effect on the body and stall weight loss.

Stevia is considered to be one of the best sweeteners available, along with Erythritol and Xylitol. You will often find these mixed together but be aware that the cheaper sweeteners can be as much as 99% maltrodextrin and 1% Stevia but sold as a Stevia sweetener. Maltrodextrin is at the very top of the G.I list and is best to be avoided. Be sure to look at the ingredients of the sweeteners before you buy them - one brand to stay away from is Aldi's own 'Stevia', which is 99% maltodextrin. Below you will find images of the only sweeteners we have found in UK supermarkets that do not contain added nasties.

Many 'sugar free', 'low carb', 'Atkins', and 'keto' items in supermarkets and coffee shops will also contain nasty sweeteners such as maltrodextrin, polydextrose, and maltitol.
One important factor to be aware of is that Xylitol is highly toxic to animals.
Keto Cupboard Basics
Ground Almonds are used a lot in keto baking. This ingredient is used in the process of making cookies, brownies and even pizza bases! It is available from almost every supermarket in small 200/500 gram bags.
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