Low Carb / Keto on a budget

Is it expensive?
This is a fairly common question as we have become so used to buying packaged food that is purely targeted to being as cheap as possible. However, we're not only paying for the ingredient costs of a ready meal, but we're also paying for the production cost, packaging and transportation...all of which are adding to the end price of the meal. So it makes you think just how much money went into the quality of food you are about to eat!
Having a plan means less wastage as you are only buying food that you are going to use rather than buying food to sit in the fridge and not know what to do with it. Our MMM! Journal can help here :)
Bulk cooking
This is something we do regularly. Whether it's making a couple of batches of brownies to get us through the week, half a dozen scotch eggs for pack lunches or preparing several portions of a dish to be portioned out and frozen to be used over the next week or so, bulk cooking will save both time and money. A couple of hours invested will enable you to prepare 75% of the food you are going to eat over the following week and you'll get this time back every single day as you won't need to decide whats for dinner on the way home, stop at the supermarket and end up spending more time (and money) browsing the special offers.
Preparation is the key to success!
Cutting out the junk
We know it's junk - it's called junk for a reason, and in truth when we decide we want to take better care of ourselves it is usually one of the first things we avoid. However, there's always going to be that occasion when someone suggests a take-away, or you get caught at a motorway services and find yourself surrounded. Understanding and making the best choice available will not only prevent F.O.M.O (fear of missing out) but will leave you feeling that you have stayed in control.
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