Chocolate Lava Cake

You can also find this recipe in our WTF cookbook.

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Lovely, to have a bit of a dessert. I had mascapone on mine with a few home grown blueberries. Delicious 😋


Definitely worth 5 stars.
Didn’t believe this would work but it’s amazing. A filling chocolate hit in less than 60 seconds without breaking the bank calorie wise.

Caroline Burgess

This is my “go to” for a delicious, quick, choc fix! I would rate it 5 stars….if I could find them!!!!🤯😁 Steph x


Hi Elizabeth,

The ‘flour’ in this recipe is the cocoa powder – it’s very absorbent :)

Mark Brereton

I don’t get how this works. Should there be a flour in this recipe?

Elizabeth Allan

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