Coconut Vanilla Muffins

You'll also find this recipe on page 102 of the WTF? Cookbook.



Usually when our cake recipes deflate, it’s due to either the oven being too powerful (two solutions are reducing the temp or placing it at the bottom if it heats from the top) or the baking powder being inactive.

Mark Brereton

Hi, not sure what I’m doing wrong, but mine collapse when I take them out of the oven, and are more like bad souffle! They taste nice, but look pretty bad!


THESE ARE INCREDIBLE! An absolute staple and omg so easy to adapt!
Add some lemon, or cocoa powder, or orange essence, or chopped nuts, flaked almonds, every time I make a batch, I make 3 different flavours and they all turn out perfect!

And so low carb! Literally my favourite keto recipe

(I’ve tried the ground almonds version and prefer this one but both are amazing xD)

Emma Powell

Hi Victoria, these can be frozen :)

Mark Brereton

Have you tried freezing these? Not sure whether to reduce the batch size or freeze the leftovers.


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