Leek & No-Potato Soup

You'll also find this recipe on page 110 of the Keto & Spice Cookbook.



Keto Fitness Club

Hi, Just made this on one of the hottest days of the year. Hardly soup weather, but once I get an idea in my head I have to follow it through! Love this soup, and I shall certainly be making it again, definitely a keeper. In the past I’ve bought ingredients and spent time trying out different recipes only to be disappointed. The success of this one has spurred me on to try others on the website. Thanks.

Keto Fitness Club

This a great soup, really buttery, creamy and delicious. I made it in my soup maker and was beautifully tasty and smooth. I thoroughly enjoyed it and will be making it again. Great lunch time staple. Thank you xx

Keto Fitness Club

The difference in carb counts will likely come down to Carb Manager giving a higher carb level to either the courgette (1.8g per 100g) or leeks (2.9g per 100g). Hope that helps?

Keto Fitness Club

I put these ingredients into Carb Manager and I can’t get under 7.3g net carbs per serving (makes 3). How are you getting 4.5g?

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